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UPDATED Nov. 8, 2022, at 12:22 AM

Forecasting each governorship

Icon LegendIcon Legend
Solid R
≥95% R
Likely R
Lean R
<60% both
Lean D
Likely D
Solid D
≥95% D
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Forecasts do not add to 100 in some races due to rounding.
Since the 2010 election, Republicans have held the majority of governorships. They currently hold 28 seats while Democrats hold 22.

Who’s ahead in each governors race

Leading candidate’s forecasted chance of winning and margin of victory in each state. Dots closer to the line represent tighter races, and wider bars mean more uncertainty about the outcome.

Race LegendRace Legend
80% of outcomes fall in this range
Incumbent LegendIncumbent Legend
Incumbent candidate/controlling party
Margin of victory
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