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What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State

An updating tracker of proposed congressional maps — and whether they might benefit Democrats or Republicans in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

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The partisan breakdown of this proposed map in Idaho
partisan lean of districts:
Old map
2 districts
This map
2 districts
There are 2 Republican-leaning seats in this proposed map.Change from old map: None.
The competitiveness and fairness of Idaho's maps
Median seat
Difference between the partisan lean of the state’s median district and the state as a whole.
First draft planD+0.6
Old mapD+0.6
Second draft planR+0.4
New map
Efficiency gap
Difference between each party’s share of “wasted votes” — those that don’t contribute to a candidate winning.
Old mapR+18.2
Second draft planR+19.7
First draft planR+19.7
New map
The number of districts in the state whose partisan leans are between R+5 and D+5.
Old map0/2
First draft plan0/2
Second draft plan0/2
New map
The demographic and partisan breakdown of this proposed map in Idaho
DistrictIncumbentPartisan leanRacial makeup
Russ FulcherR
Mike SimpsonR

The racial makeup of each district is of the voting-age population.

The latest in Idaho

Sept. 15, 2021

Idaho’s nonpartisan redistricting commission released two draft congressional maps on Sept. 14, which will be presented at public hearings throughout the state in the coming weeks. One map makes a relatively simple change: It moves the dividing line between the state’s two congressional districts west to reflect population shifts, but keeps the contours of those districts largely the same. The other map, however, redraws the district lines more substantively — rather than cutting through the state capital, Boise, it creates a new, more compact district in the southwestern part of the state, and puts all of northern and eastern Idaho in the other district. Each proposal would have different implications for the way the state’s representation shakes out, but neither is likely to shift the partisan makeup of the state’s congressional delegation overall. Both of Idaho’s congressional seats are safely held by Republicans, and both proposed maps would preserve that status quo.

Latest updates
Icon of the Idaho state boundaries
Sept. 2
The Idaho  Commission for Reapportionment announced public meeting schedule beginning the week of Sept. 13. The public can submit written testimony or register to give remote testimony.
Icon of the Idaho state boundaries
Aug. 18
Idaho's Citizen Commission for Reapportionment has scheduled its first three meetings. The meetings will be held on Sept. 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Icon of the Idaho state boundaries
July 30
Idaho Republican House Speaker appoints the sixth and final member to the Idaho Citizen Commission for Reapportionment.

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All of the proposed maps in Idaho
MapPlanStatusProposed byPartisan breakdown
First draft planProposedIdaho Commission for Reapportionment
Second draft planProposedIdaho Commission for Reapportionment