PUBLISHED 4:55 PM EDT | Aug 10, 2016

We’re Looking For A Sports-Loving Web Developer

Here at FiveThirtyEight, we like to forecast events both big and small. Which women’s basketball team will walk away with the NCAA title? How will the 2016 elections tip the balance of power within the U.S. government? Are the Braves going to beat the Phillies on May 22? We can’t answer these questions definitively, but we can put numbers on how likely each possible outcome is, creating a probabilistic picture of what the future might look like.

2016 is a big year for major events, and we have a lot of ambitions for sports forecasting in particular. We’re looking for a web developer and designer who can help us present our forecasts to the world in a way that captures their rigor and nuance while being welcoming to a broad audience. We want our sports dashboards and interactive graphics to be clear, to look great and to work seamlessly — on all screen sizes.

Our team of visual and computational journalists runs the gamut from designers who work primarily in Adobe Illustrator to D3 programmers who build interactive graphics to back-end developers who construct databases and predictive models. The person we’d like to add to that crew is a generalist front-end developer who knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript inside and out, who can build well-designed and performant web applications, who has experience with UI design and development and who is a pretty sizable sports buff.

Experience in journalism or working at a media company isn’t a requirement, though a healthy amount of both curiosity and skepticism and a high degree of numeracy are. This is a full-time project position with an estimated length of one year. Email us if you have questions. To apply, visit the ESPN jobs site.