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UPDATED 1:57 PM EDT | Jul 1, 2016


According to our final polls-plus forecast, Hillary Clinton had a greater than 99% chance of winning the Mississippi primary.

Our forecasts don’t produce a single expected vote share for each candidate, but rather generate a range of possible outcomes, shown below. The range will be wider or narrower under certain circumstances: For instance, it narrows as the election gets closer. Our estimate of each candidate’s chance of winning the state is based on these ranges.


Not all pollsare created equal, so our forecasts are calculated based on weighted polling averages .

The weights account for the quality of each poll based on its track record and its methodological standards. They also account for sample size and how recently it was conducted; recent polls are weighted much more heavily than older ones. Polls are also adjusted for house effects, which is a tendency to consistently show different results for a candidate than the average of other polls.

For the Mississippi Democratic primary, we’ve collected two polls. Here they are, ranked by how heavily they factor in to our latest polling averages.

= new A = all adultsRV = registered votersLV = likely voters

Feb. 29 Magellan Strategies471 LV
Clinton +54
Feb. 14-16 Public Policy Polling514 LV
Clinton +34
Feb. 29
471 LV
Clinton +54
Clinton 65%
Sanders 11%
Feb. 14-16
514 LV
Clinton +34
Clinton 60%
Sanders 26%
*Leader or runner-up is not in the race.
If you can’t find a contest in the dropdown menu above, it’s because there hasn’t been enough polling in that state yet. We’ll add new polling averages and forecasts as soon as the data is available. Notice any bugs or missing polls? .
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