UPDATED Oct. 19, 2021, at 10:04 AM

What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State

An updating tracker of proposed congressional maps — and whether they might benefit Democrats or Republicans in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

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The partisan breakdown of this proposed map in Arizona
partisan lean of districts:
Old map
9 districts
This map
9 districts
There are 3 Democratic-leaning seats, 4 Republican-leaning seats and 2 highly competitive seats in this proposed map.Change from old map: -1 Republican-leaning seat, +1 highly competitive seat.
The competitiveness and fairness of Arizona's maps
Median seat
Difference between the partisan lean of the state’s median district and the state as a whole.
Preliminary commission planD+7.1
Second preliminary commission planD+4.3
Fourth preliminary commission planD+4.1
Third preliminary commission planD+4.1
Old mapD+2.0
New map
Efficiency gap
Difference between each party’s share of “wasted votes” — those that don’t contribute to a candidate winning.
Second preliminary commission planD+11.4
Preliminary commission planD+2.4
Fourth preliminary commission planD+2.3
Third preliminary commission planD+2.2
Old mapR+2.0
New map
The number of districts in the state whose partisan leans are between R+5 and D+5.
Third preliminary commission plan3/9
Fourth preliminary commission plan3/9
Preliminary commission plan2/9
Second preliminary commission plan2/9
Old map1/9
New map
The demographic and partisan breakdown of this proposed map in Arizona
DistrictIncumbentPartisan leanRacial makeup
David SchweikertR
Tom O'HalleranD
Paul A. GosarR
Greg StantonD
Andy BiggsR
Ann KirkpatrickD
Raúl GrijalvaD
Ruben GallegoD
Debbie LeskoR

The racial makeup of each district is of the voting-age population.

The latest in Arizona

Oct. 13, 2021

On Oct. 13, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission released three more drafts for how its congressional districts could look for the next decade. Much like the initial preliminary plan proposed last week, the newest proposals include major shake-ups for many incumbents’ home districts. But, in a marked difference from the last map, two of the three latest proposals do restore some of the state’s majority-Hispanic districts.

Plans 3 and 4, if adopted, each create two majority-Hispanic districts, while Plan 2 creates one majority and one plurality Hispanic seat. The initial plan had one plurality Hispanic seat, but none with a majority.

Much like the initial preliminary plan, though, the new maps spell trouble for Rep. Tom O’Halleran, who might be the Democratic incumbent at the greatest risk of losing his seat under the new maps. The 1st District he currently represents has a partisan lean of R+6, and his seat (the new 2nd District) gets even redder under all three latest proposals. Plus, it’s also still possible Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, whose 4th District would be radically altered, will challenge O’Halleran under these new lines — assuming both run for reelection.

On the Republican side, Rep. David Schweikert might be the incumbent in the most trouble. Similar to O’Halleran, most of Schweikert’s current 6th District would be redrawn, and his seat (the new 1st District) would go from being Republican-leaning to competitive under all three proposals.

While Plans 3 and 4 appear to prioritize having more competitive seats, that could come at the expense of Democrats, as they currently hold two of the three swing seats in those plans. The second plan, meanwhile, has two competitive seats — one held by each party.

Latest updates
Icon of the Arizona state boundaries
Oct. 14
The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has released a new series of draft congressional (2.0, 2.1, 2.2) and legislative (2.0) maps in preparation for the second phase of the process.
Icon of the Arizona state boundaries
Oct. 8
Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission released its seventh newsletter update in English and Spanish.
Icon of the Arizona state boundaries
Oct. 3
Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission released its sixth newsletter update in English and Spanish.