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What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State

An updating tracker of proposed congressional maps — and whether they might benefit Democrats or Republicans in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

Who controls redistricting in Nebraska in 2021?
Republicans fully control the congressional redistricting process. New maps are drawn and passed by the Republican state legislature and signed into law by the Republican governor.
  • Jan. 5, 2022
    Date that candidates begin filing for congressional runs (therefore map should be set by this date)
partisan lean of districts:
Old map
3 districts
New map
3 districts

The latest in Nebraska

Sept. 14, 2021

Democrats and Republicans put forward separate congressional maps for consideration in Nebraska’s legislature on Sept. 8, but the Republican proposal is already generating some controversy. That’s because it would split Democratic-leaning Douglas County (where Omaha is located) between two congressional districts and bring some redder counties into the 2nd District, moving the state’s only swing congressional district from its current even partisan lean to R+3. Democrats have already attacked the Republican plan as a gerrymander, with one Democratic state legislator saying that the new district lines “can only be accounted for by partisanship.” The Democratic proposal, by contrast, would leave Douglas County whole and preserve the pure swingy nature of the 2nd District.

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The competitiveness and fairness of Nebraska's maps
Median seat
Difference between the partisan lean of the state’s median district and the state as a whole.
Draft Republican planD+7.9
Draft Democratic planD+6.0
Old mapD+4.1
New map
Efficiency gap
Difference between each party’s share of “wasted votes” — those that don’t contribute to a candidate winning.
Old mapD+5.1
Draft Democratic planD+2.0
Draft Republican planD+1.7
New map
The number of districts in the state whose partisan leans are between R+5 and D+5.
Old map1/3
Draft Democratic plan1/3
Draft Republican plan1/3
New map